Solutions for your urgent air freight

We will find a quick and straightforward transport solution for any kind of air cargo. An individual cargo charter is most efficient when transport through regular freight routes is not possible or would take too much time. This is especially the case when production processes are being slowed down due to missing parts. Cargo charters can also be useful for extraordinary valuable goods that demand special safeguarding.

We will immediately organize the aircraft that suits your transportation needs and make sure that transport will take place in a professional manner and without any delay. When calculating our offer for you, we will be analyzing exactly the loading characteristics (weight and volume) as well as the route, in order to find you the most suitable aircraft at the best price.

Here you will find a choice of transport types that we have on offer

  • urgent air freight/ cargo worldwide
  • heavy goods transport
  • hazardous materials
  • valuables
  • relief supplies and pharmaceuticals
  • oil and gas equipment
  • Selection of more than 7.000 planes

  • best prices – you can compare!

  • two offers within 60 minutes

  • Independant Charter Broker

  • personal assistance

  • no membership

  • +49 (0)69 - 1532 5832 0

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