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Flights in case of emergency

Every second counts in an emergency – Avito Aviation air ambulance

We can assist you swiftly and competently in case of emergency. For our medical flights, we cooperate with reliable and specialized partners who can guarantee a safe and smooth procedure. Ambulance aircraft are designed according to the needs of patient transport and have all the necessary medical equipment on board. Every ambulance flight is attended by a trained flight physician who also ensures appropriate medical care for the patient.

Which jet is suitable? – the process of an ambulance flight

On board of an ambulance jet you will normally find a stretcher for the patient as well as seats for the medical crew and any accompanying persons. The number of accompanying persons depends on the type of jet used (mostly a Learjet45 or a Beechcraft-KingAir) and the headcount of the medical crew. We will gladly check this for you beforehand.

Before the flight can start, an initial medical exam takes place, in order to test if the the patient is capable of flying. The flight physician will coordinate procedures in this respect with the attending physician on the ground. If the patient is deemed capable of flying, we will organize authorization for take-off and landing as well as ambulance services to the point of departure and from the destination to the respective clinics or care-taking facilities.

You can count on Avito Aviation also in cases of emergency. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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